cub den den
posted: October 12, 2010

Drawger has been a bumming me out the past few days. Thought I'd lighten the mood a bit with a mailer I'm sending out soon. Cheers!
Andy Ward October 12, 2010
Yep, Drawger is a pretty juicy place right now. However I prefer your sandwich juice to being sandwiched by the juice.
J.D. King October 12, 2010
Cute and... sad!
Brandon Reese October 12, 2010
Andy- No doubt. I'm afraid my juice has been reduced to pulp at the bottom of the carton. JD- Thanks! Bittersweet.
Kyle T Webster October 12, 2010
Run, food, run! I love this, Brandon - that mailer will surely be a success.
Brandon Reese October 12, 2010
Thanks Kyle! I hope so.
Jim Paillot October 12, 2010
Run away my edible friends! Hey Brandon, I like this piece a lot. It feels a little different for you- maybe it is the limited palette. Love it!
Brandon Reese October 12, 2010
Hey Jim. Thanks pal! Yeah, I think it is a bit different. I'm gonna keep experimenting.