New eeBoo Pre-school games
posted: September 10, 2010

I recently had the pleasure of working with the fine folks over at eeBoo again. With eeBoo, I always know that my illustrations are going to be coupled with excellent design. Nothing is worse than working hard on something, only to have it ruined with poor typography or a bad layout.
Robd September 11, 2010
Those are cute Brandon. I'd love to see them printed.
Brandon Reese September 11, 2010
Thanks Rob! They should be printing soon. Look for them bookstores or toy stores.
Kyle T Webster September 11, 2010
Great art, great product - I'll buy these.
Brandon Reese September 11, 2010
The heck you will KTW!... send me your addy and I'll send some when I get copies.
laura t. September 11, 2010
so cute, brandon! i love how you do really fun illos for educational markets- so much of the art is way too dry, you're like a sunshine on a rainy day :)
Brandon Reese September 11, 2010
You are too kind, Laura. Thankee!