The Okee Dokee Brothers
posted: May 21, 2010
If there is a kindie music illustration niche, I believe I've found it. This is the third kid's music album I've illustrated/designed so far.
Joe and Justin aka- The Okee Dokee brothers, liked what I did with The Jellydots and Lunch Money. So, they asked if I would like to illustrate their next album. I said,  "Heck yeah!" But they said, "Not so fast partner! We don't want no citified illustration, we want it dirty. I said, "I'll do you one better... I'll throw some mud on it and leave it in the hot North Carolina sun for a fortnight!"
Hopefully, my image relays the high-energy, clever, fun music found on the CD. It may be labeled 'kid's music', but I've been listening to it on my own, no kid in sight. Lately, I find myself humming the tunes to myself. I love me some good bluegrass and this album is no exception.
Below are some of my initial sketches/ideas-
a little take on Remus and Romulus....

the sketch that almost was....

Handcar is the winner....

Victor Juhasz May 21, 2010
That's a beautiful finish and the sketches are great fun too. The take on Romulus and Remus would have been quite an interesting image.
Brandon Reese May 22, 2010
Thanks Victor. I was hoping for the Romulus and Remus image too.
laura t. May 22, 2010
super cute!! i love the two boys with the pig- it's a down-home hoedown. all the sketches are great, love the vintage feel on the final.
Brandon Reese May 22, 2010
Much obliged, Laura T!
Jim Paillot May 24, 2010
This is outstanding, Brandon! I love the detail and textures. Nice sketches, too. The one with the outhouse would also have been a hit.
Brandon Reese May 24, 2010
Thanks Jim, ole buddy! It was a fun job.
Greg Clarke May 24, 2010
Very nice Brandon--your digital chops are formidable!
Brandon Reese May 24, 2010
Thanks much Greg!
Leo Espinosa May 25, 2010
Me looooves the chicken in the second sketch and the rendering of the grass in the final. I'm not sure about the motion blur, though. I'm not sure that such realistic effect matches the beautiful classic style and mood of the cover.
Brandon Reese May 25, 2010
Thanks Leo. I hear you on the motion blur. I should have worked on that more... but I was in a time crunch.
Rob Dunlavey May 25, 2010
That sneaky time crunch will get you every time!
Mike Moran May 25, 2010
Did you do the grass first in illustrator? This cover is Okee Dokee with me. How cool would this look on a big old vinyl LP cover!
Brandon Reese May 25, 2010
Rob- indeed! Mike- Thanks! The grass is actually part of a photo that I turned grayscale, then placed in illustrator.
Chris Buzelli May 26, 2010
Great piece Brandon. Beautiful type.
Brandon Reese May 26, 2010
Thanks Chris. They wanted the type and illustration to convey new and old. I used a modern typeface (futura) then added the embellishments to give it an old-timey feel.